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several monkeys sitting on top of plants in the jungle, surrounded by leaves and flowers
Monkeys in the tropics
Nature paints the most beautiful masterpieces: Monkeys in the tropics
a close up of a butterfly's coco hanging upside down
The metallic chrysalis of an Orange-spotted Tiger Clearwing butterfly
a deer laying in the grass between two trees
Natures Doorways
Magical view
a group of oposs walking across a forest floor
Out for a ride by David Vandre
1X - Out for a ride by David Vandre
a small green frog sitting on top of a persons hand
Reptile Forum
Vietnamese Mossy Frog
a frog sitting on top of a leaf next to a plant with the caption under my umbrella
don't call me betty
a small animal being held in someone's hand with it's thumb out
Hugging my thumb first take by Ivano-S on DeviantArt
Precious baby Sugar Glider - I don't like wild creatures being pets. Or birds in cages. But I guess there will always be strange relationships between creatures, man and wild animals included.
an iguana sitting on top of a tree branch
Sooper-Deviant User Profile | DeviantArt
lavender by *Blepharopsis