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a woman in a bodysuit holding an object up to her face while standing on the grass
Creepy, but the contrast between the mask and the girls pose and body is interesting. The background/setting adds a layer of horror too. Overall I think this is a successful image as it creates a geat deal of discomfort on many different levels: is it just a halloween mask... has someone made her wear this...did she make it?
a group of children standing next to each other on top of a grass covered field
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Disturbing masks, I find this image very unsettling.
a statue of a woman standing on top of a table
Loren Stump-Tiger Woman. Can't...can't actually even explain my dismay with this piece. One piece from Stumps "Slices of Art" series is pinned to my board of art I like because I enjoyed his unique approach to glass sculpture, but after seeing this my initial thoughts of this artist have plummeted. He should've stuck to "Slices of Art"...
a painting of a woman in the water holding a fish and a crystal ball with a castle on it
Lesta Frank: This is too cheesy for me. I dislike the "hippy" vibes.
a group of people standing next to each other in front of a snow covered village
Mihai Dascalu: this painting has some very charming aspects but it also feels a bit too Christmas-postcardy.
a painting of a woman with long hair
Gregory Capploe. This doesn't work for me because I dislike the ghostlike repetition of her face. The way he represents her features seem a bit unoriginal, as if I have seen this approach many times before. The colours are harmonious and I enjoy the texture on her hair and garments.
a painting of a woman on the beach holding an umbrella with birds flying above her
Paul Bond: highly skilled technically but I do not enjoy Surrealist paintings very often which would be why this doesn't work for me. It seems forced and leaves me with that awful "so what?" feeling.
an abstract painting with many different colors and designs on it, including angels in the sky
Jose Acosta: I enjoy the crazy mash up of colour and his use of decorative mark making, but the overall piece does not feel cohesive which I suppose is his intention. It just doesn't work for me personally as I find it extremely busy, confusing, garish and disruptive.
a painting of a woman with red hair and tattoos on her arm, standing in front of a blue background
Fernando Vicente’s Detailed Illustrations - OZONWeb by OZON Magazine
I think this is titled Venus, and this doesn't work for me because I don't enjoy looking at her meaty ribs. I am confused, are they a tattoo seeing how her whole sleeve is inked up? The flesh feels to be ripped off, and her facial expression is slightly ambiguous: challenging, or seductive, sad? I have more questions than appreciation for this piece.
three people standing next to each other in front of two large puppets that look like they are holding hands up
shoboshobo: I prefer some of his other work, mostly his drawings. These particular heads do not seem to carry the same level of tongue-in-cheek humour that his other bizarre characters have.
an image of a castle with balloons floating in the air and birds flying around it
Digital Artworks By Catrin Welz - OZONWeb by OZON Magazine
Digital Artworks By Catrin Welz. I am not a fan of this type of fantasty subject matter and I tend to be very critical of digital art. I feel it is fairly new unexplored territory so the boundaries need to be pushed and more risks need to be taken.
a painting of a woman holding an object in her hand
L'ACTE GRATUIT. This does not work for me because I can't bear to see that hole in her forehead, I find is extremely creepy and unsettling. The floating eye just adds to the horror.
a painting of a man holding a cell phone to his ear and standing next to a red squirrel
Arte Padova | Mostre Padova | Accademia Aperta
I dislike the colour palette, the composition and the overall feel of the artwork. The wings and strange symbolism is confusing, but I am not even interested to try find meaning.
a black and white photo of some animals in the water
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This doesn't work for me because I find it too cheesy. The body as a landscape is well trodden territory so when exloring it: better try hard to break new ground and not rely on some kids' toys and curios in an attempt to add concept to the artwork.