Juan Carlos de Urzaiz

Juan Carlos de Urzaiz

Juan Carlos de Urzaiz
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Iconic : Special Edition Case Operation. This video is about the detail and operation of the case that comes with the Special Edition of Ico...

Iconic: A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation

Batman evolution #soybatman

Funny pictures about Evolution of the Batman Logo. Oh, and cool pics about Evolution of the Batman Logo. Also, Evolution of the Batman Logo.

Taxidermismo ciclista CORPUS FIXIE

Bicycle taxidery A side project of Regan Appleton, bicycle taxidermy is a cruelty-free and humorous way to commemorate a relationship with an old bike. Mounting the handlebars on an oak plaque and.

Batman Kid

Bat Kid by AndyFairhurst on Deviant Art from his Superhero Kids collection. I wish he did one for Starfire; then I could have Robin for Night, Batman for Dennis, and Wondergirl for me.

The 51-30 Chrono: 1

Nixon Chrono 6 hand Japanese quartz movement, a second subdial, chrono date - its wearer is never without the necessary earthly information.

The Bronx Zoo - Loving the NYC buildings #logo

represents the zoo with the giraffes and the birds. as well as the Bronx with the shapes of the buildings in the giraffes legs. its memerable because when you think animals and what better way to show where the zoo is from is with buildings.