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a drawing of a person in a room with other people
My paranoia confirmed
The Golden Age: Gahan Wilson Funny Cartoons, Vintage Illustrations, Gary Larson Far Side, Stephen Colbert, Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star
The Golden Age: Gahan Wilson
an image of a frog talking to another man in a room with red walls and furniture
Gahan Wilson - "Now the you've come of age, son, I think it's time your old dad let you in on our little family curse."
a man standing in front of boxes filled with food
Gahan Wilson - "Fred, I think you're spending altogether too much time down here with these mushrooms!"
a man sitting at a table talking to another man who is holding a drink in his hand
Gahan Wilson - "On the other hand, people always remember my name…."
a drawing of a man laying on the ground in front of a mirror with other people around him
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Medieval Torture Chamber Comic by Gahan Wilson #themagesstudy
an image of four different scenes in the same book as well as one cartoon character
Gahan Wilson - A collection of four.
an image of a man in a boat with two other men
CB Recommends: Born Dead, Still Weird: A Documentary about Gahan Wilson
Gahan Wilson: Born Dead, Still Weird
the science fiction movie pocket computer is shown in this diagram from an old newspaper article
1970 ... 'the end'
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an old cartoon shows two people in a room with a christmas tree
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