Tutorial: How to Frost a Cake

How to Frost a Cake (Super helpful considering last time i had to frost a cake i did everything she says NOT to do.) also the post before is how she assembles a layered cake!

This is the ultimate cake for a chess nerd’s birthday. | 35 Amazing Birthday Cake Ideas

Checkerboard Birthday Cake - Eat Healthy Stockphoto My mom had a set of cake pans with separators that made a checkerboard cake. The batter had to be extra thick to keep it from running, but it turned out pretty. This way, however, is foolproof.

Tie tiny adorable balloons to skewers and stick ‘em in the cake. | 35 Amazing Birthday Cake Ideas

balloon decorated cake: use small water balloon sized balloons. blow them up & tie knot around wooden coffee stirrers or skewers - cute birthday cake idea for a little kid!

pistachio cake

Pistachio cake

Pistachio Layer Cake - Bake this moist cake for a potluck and it will be the talk of the party. Pistachio pudding mix colors the cake batter bright green.

Pin-Tastic Tuesday

Pretty lemon flowers - great for summer party served in water,ice tea or entree garnish !

Win hearts and blow minds by hiding candy in an awesome secret piñata cake. | 35 Amazing Birthday Cake Ideas

Here's what you'll need to make a PINATA PARTY CAKE: two boxes of cake mix, two containers of frosting, an assortment of small candies, a quart oven-safe bowl (greased and floured) and an offset spatula. Click image for complete recipe.

ALERT ALERT ALERT there are balls of cookie dough inside this cake, which is also covered with cookies. | 35 Amazing Birthday Cake Ideas

Chocolate chip cookie dough cake used a simple yellow cake mix, the brown sugar frosting, and the no bake cookie dough, there was plenty of cookie dough for the 24 cupcakes could have made a few