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Street Art

Funny pictures about A Slice Of Paradise. Oh, and cool pics about A Slice Of Paradise. Also, A Slice Of Paradise photos.

Mr. Robot

Robot, (Elliot Alderson) Seems to have a superior mind to everyone that he encounters.

So is all the other governments and elites of the world. Just as I pined this the song Queenie by regime came on :p

The Hateful Eight - Quentin Tarantino

The poster for the new controversial Quentin Tarantino’s post-Civil War western, The Hateful Eight made its debut last month on the pages of Empire Magazine.

Chocolate Mousse

Indulgent Chocolate Mousse - eggs chocolate maple syrup (or honey) and cream.it's borderline even to my version of paleo, but if I had been super good, this could be an awesome splurge!