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TRX Full Body Workout

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15 New Ways to Use Dumbbells #freeweights #strong #fitness

15 Ways to Use Dumbbells to tone full body- It is certified fitness instructor and sports performance coach, to build a DIY dumbbell workout that targets the body parts you want to tone.

Got a Dumbbell and 30 Minutes? You Can Do This Workout - Your Trainer Paige

Fun fact: I’m not a fan of super long workouts. I’m not in the camp that thinks one needs to spend hours in the gym to get results. It’s just not my style.

BOSU Exercises

The BOSU ball isn't glamorous, but the gym staple sure is effective. It can make even the simplest exercises more difficult by adding a balancing aspect to your workout. Ready to accept the challenge? Read on for 10 ways to incorporate the BOSU ball into

Dumbbell exercises provide a great full-body workout in a compact amount of space. Yes, we said great workout — not just a few decent arm exercises.

30 Dumbbell Exercises Missing From Your Routine Think those dumbbells are only good for a few sets of biceps curls? Read on to discover new ways to work in those dumbbells.