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Jatsu Argarate

Jatsu Argarate
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Mendebaldeko eta ekialdeko Berlin, gauez nola bereizten diren

The division between West Berlin and East Berlin is still visible today. While West Berlin uses mercury vapor street lights, East Berlin still uses sodium vapor lighting; Photo by Commander Chris Hadfield of the ISS

Bridge pencil illusion optical illusion

These incredible sketches by self-taught Dutch artist Ramon Bruin will blow your mind. Using just a pencil, a few sheets of paper and a carefully placed camera he creates drawings that almost float in.

single photo optical illusion optical illusion

Look at the photo above, examine it. The photo above is a single image. Without the use of Photoshop or any post processing technique, New York based photographer Bela Borsodi created this image for the cover of the VLP-Terrain album.

Pool | haha.nu - the lifestyle blogzine

Funny pictures about Tricky pool shot. Oh, and cool pics about Tricky pool shot. Also, Tricky pool shot.

Taladroen anuntzioa

Funny Jesus Should Have Used A Diamond Nail Gun Advert Joke Picture - The new Diamond hydraulic nail gun. Now with extended seven year warranty.