Weather Vocabulary in English - El clima en inglés

Weather vocabulary What is the weather like today? Example: The weather is cloudy and cold.

Estudia inglës en Irlanda & Collins-"Prepositions of Place

Prepositions of place - English grammar

Aprende todo acerca del inglés sin salir de este post - Taringa!

Aprende todo acerca del inglés sin salir de este post

My house essay in spanish my house essay, mi casa ensayo, Translation, human translation, automatic translation.

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Fruit in Spanish

Frutas en español - Fruit in Spanish More

Subject Pronouns in English -Estudia inglés en Irlanda & Collins

We have created a new chart using cartoons to show simple Subject Pronouns in English. As a teacher you can use the same image to talk about the different cartoons and what is happening or describi…

Verb Tenses

For ELL students adults and kids English tenses illustration: past, present, future (simple, progressive, perfect)

sports vocabulary - Buscar con Google

Sports in English - Sport in Inglese

Ya no inventaré pretextos, empezaré a estudiar hoy mismo

400 Palabras en inglés que son suficientes para que entiendas el 75% de los textos

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Days of the week in Spanish

Days of the week in Spanish with English translation - Los días de la semana en…

Leisure - Free time activity.

Vocabulary page Free time activities in Spanish

Colors in Spanish

This is our new image about the main Colors in Spanish. The main colors in Spanish are: negro – black marrón / café – brown gris – gray / grey blanco – white amarillo –…


A great visual for those pesky questions!

Examples of typical things of each color in Spanish

Ejemplos de cada color en español - Examples of each Color in Spanish

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La Rutina. El Presente

Realidades 2 Common Spanish phrases for describing daily routines.