Clothespin Dragonfly craft - Rather than a summer project, I'm thinking of having the kids make some for teachers for an end of year gift. We'll put magnets on one side to make them useful.

Dragonfly clothes pin!

Simple Wood Crafts

Dracs amb agulles d'estendre la roba i feltre.

Reserved listing- 5 crocodile shaped handmade felt clothes pins (made to order)

We have rounded up these 16 DIY clothespin ideas which include the cute and adorable transformation of these wood pegs into some gorgeous, awesome and amaz

Need new ideas for crafts? Here are 26 animal crafts I made with stuff I had laying around the house -- really!!!

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Alligator Craft: Use a clothespin to make this simple alligator for the swamp habitat.

Alligator clothespins my granddaughter loves the action clothes pin animals and they are easy to make