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Jania Henderson

Jania Henderson
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Anime picture with original yuuki rika long hair single tall image blush open mouth looking at viewer simple background brown eyes white bare shoulders fringe silver hair holding bare legs parted lips standing on one leg girl dress

Sora no Otoshimono, Ikaros

This is Sachi Osaki she is 16 but her last day at school was horrible,she got mad and shot a boy with Electric powers she never new she had. She is nice and try's not to get mad, but don't get her mad.

Outfit design-Birthstones -February - closed by LotusLumino on DeviantArt

girl's reequip: reflects attacks back at the attacker (ultimate defensive outfit) but her agility decreases. Onyx outfit: absorbs attacks and uses what's collected in bursts of magical attacks (specifically dark magic and shadow manipulation)

My personality depends from the moment, my reactions from the situation and my confidence from the person.