James Eudy

James Eudy

I think everyone who knows me, knows I am not a facebook fan. But I'm trying to reform.
James Eudy
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The Cosmic Owl from Adventure Time by =TurboSolid on deviantart.com

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Atheism, Religion, Mormons, God is Imaginary, It's Impossible. Anyone else have a hard time believing that an 18th century convicted fraud could translate invisible golden plates from an unknown language into 14th century English by burying his face in a hat with some magic rocks?

Joseph Smith WAS convicted of fraud for his treasure seeking service using the same stone he later supposedly used to "translate" the Book of Mormon.

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Adventure Time Title card S4Ep8 Hug Wolf

From Pendleton Ward's Adventure Time. Title card design by Andy Ristaino, painting by Martin Ansolabehere and Nick Jennings. "Hug Wolf" premieres May on Cartoon Network.

adventure time wallpaper for facebook - Google keresés

“Jake the Dog” Title Card The second half of tonight’s half-hour season premiere gets its own glamorous title card. By Andy and Nick & Martin. A nice companion piece to the “Finn the Human” card.

Rattleballs (S5, E46) title card

kingofooo: Rattleballs - title card designed by Andy Ristaino painted by Nick Jennings check it out. here& the title card for the next episode Cole and I storyboarded, Rattleballs! I drew the sketch. It airs this monday!