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Angel by Axel on Flirck

I love when they are holding or placing a feather someplace. There is one at Bonaventure in Savannah that is placing the feather on the tomb/grave. Its so meaningful and stunning.

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Michael’s Victory over the Devil statue at St. Michaelis Church in Hamburg, Germany. Michaelis is one of Hamburg’s five main churches. — Shades and Shadows)

~She wasn't the oldest soul in the graveyard, but was certainly the loneliest. Tale after tale followed of how her true family had sold her and her new one had abandoned her to die on the roadside. Strangers buried her and couldn't even spend the time to mark the grave. Her soul had been stuck there for years, never given the chance to move on, never wanting to."

Dear Angels, I love you. there is an angel on me. near me or inside me everyday. I've collected Angels for years. The only tattoo I have is of an Angel with the likeness of my Mother.