Juan Luis Aguirre Gonzales

Juan Luis Aguirre Gonzales

Juan Luis Aguirre Gonzales
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Suit up!

AMDMODE - James Marsden looks simply flawless in this perfectly tailored light brown suit, but what about the blue sock, PERFECT or NOT?


White shoes, gray pants, brown belt, white watch button up long sleeved blue and white shirt and dark blue tie. -I would change the white shoes, but the rest is pretty nice!

This is a Sunday brunch with the guys or family outfit! I feel like you don't have to wear dress pant to wear a blazer with a dress shirt. Just throw on some plain, simple jeans and add on that beige blazer with a neutral color dress shirt.

Love this "Prep" look  -Blazer- oxford shirt-repp bow tie-  woven belt- jeans

casual Preppy, Double-breasted navy jacket, light blue shirt, red bow tie with yellow & blue stripes.