Wayfinding by @estudiohusmee

Using a textured surface (here OSB board) to mount signage etc creates depth and allows for easy interchange and alterations - perhaps oak panels would work best in the context of Dioscen House

farmacia #design #inspiration #storefront Check out SI Retail's Promotional Products for store front https://www.sishop.com.au/products-c-11/promotional-signage-c-11_54

Casanueva Pharmacy / Clavel Arquitectos

Casanueva’s Pharmacy, Spain by Clavel Arquitectos 2010 Casanueva’s Pharmacy in Murcia, Spain features a shop window that consists of a tri-dimensional text of the word ‘FARMACIA’ that occupies the two floors of the frontage.

creative use of pillars

Parking project for Europlaza, a corporate office building in Guatemala, designed to be an international business center in Central America.

Exhibition Design by Campo for Linhas de Histórias - SESC Belenzinho

Identity and Signage by Campo for Linhas de Histórias


I absolutely love this branding work for La Vittoria Paris - New York by Boutique . Love the palette, the bright yellow and pale pink w.


XX and XY wall decals will bring delight as you watch your guests try to figure out which wall sticker is for ladies and which is for men! Stick these wall decals to your bathroom doors and let the fun commence!

Dark Side of Typography

Dark Side of Typography