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18 Office Supplies You Should Know in English (Infographic)

Office supplies list: 1. Pen, 2. Pencil, 3. Markers, 4. Paper clips, 5. Tape, 6. Highlighter, 7. Eraser, 8. Sticky notes, 9. Labels, 10.Scissors, 11.Printer

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My 4th junior high english class

player positions Various tactical schemes are used in soccer; among the best known is the 4-4-2, a formation with four defenders, four midfielders and two forwards. forward Offensive position usually placed behind the striker; this player uses speed to make crisp accurate passes. right back Defensive position that covers the right side of the field; this player’s role is to impede an opponent’s progress toward the goal. right midfielder Center position that plays on the right side of the…

Prepositions of Place English grammar lesson. Learn how to use prepositions when talking about place French Teacher, Teaching French, Teaching Spanish, Teaching English, Learn German, Learn French, Learn English, French Classroom, Spanish Classroom

Prepositions of Place exercise learning English

Prepositions of Place English exercise. Put the correct preposition under each image.

"Clothes & Fashion Accessories" Vocabulary in English: Items Illustrated - ESL Buzz # clothing accessories vocabulary "Clothes and Fashion Accessories" Vocabulary in English: Items Illustrated - ESLBuzz Learning English English Resources, English Activities, English Tips, English Fun, English Study, English Words, English Lessons, Learn English, English Grammar

clothes - 5th year

Vocabulário e Jogo e mais vocabulário... por último um link com videos e vocabulário: http://alittlebritofus.blogspot...

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Daily Routines5 flashcard

Printable flash card illustrating: watch TV, do the laundry, hang the clothes, do the dusting, mop floors, vacuum, take a nap, play with peers, work. Printable PDF versions available for download.