You know the saying: give someone a fish and they eat for a day. But teach that person to fish and they eat for a lifetime? Wise words, and completely applicable to IKEA hacks. Because, we can show you good examples of “Before & After" projects all day long but, sooner or later young lady, you’ll find yourself standing in front of a broke-down MALM dresser and you won’t know what to do. And then where are you going to be? Huh? Can you answer me that?

Make It Work: The Complete Guide to IKEA Hacks & Projects

Links to lots of great diy's and hacks for Ikea furniture. Make It Work: The Complete Guide to IKEA Hacks & Projects

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Media Cabinet: Semihandmade IKEA® Doors Media Cabinet This style would go well with your credenza.

Materials: LACK Shelf, NUMERAR countertop, CAPITA Legs Description: Looking for a flat modern entertainment unit, we couldn’t find anything we liked and so we “stumbled” over the older LACK shelf we had in our house. With the help of the CAPITA legs we added the NUMERAR counter top in oak on top (we bought the [&hellip

fabric behind a flat screen. I kind of love this to decorate the wall / add focus to a room without going crazy. I think it would be perfect with the cornstarch wallpaper trick.

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