Shimada / Kitsune
More ideas from Issher
Artemis Cruiser, Kasim Lewis on ArtStation at

A large modular cruiser for the Armada CCG. Large automated/unmanned ships mostly for the Orion Group.

Refueling Spaceship By Olejnik Maksim

Refueling ship by Olejnik Maksim. I like it as a transport, I don't know that the detachable cargo pods make it a refuel ship more than cargo hauler. There aren't lots of gantry arms to reach out to other ships with or anything.

Zuri, un robot programable de papel y cartón.

ZURI 01 Paperbot System is a programmable, modular robotics platform created by Germany company Zoobotics that users build with cardboard and paper. The smartphone-controlled DIY robot is currently.