Ivan Silva Sanchez

Ivan Silva Sanchez

Ivan Silva Sanchez
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luces escenario

"The Old Man and the Old Moon" set. It might be a little too rustic for a NYC apartment but I get the 'storytelling' style of it. It would work well in our black box theater.


The vision for LX somewhat unrealistic. but shadows in the background. LS 31 front light as well. --- I like the shadow imagery in this picture. Especially how one image is very focused and the rest are faded, creates an interesting effect.

Possible water scene, flying into ocean Xóchitl González Quintanilla Ex-Stasis

Xóchitl González Quintanilla Ex-Stasis I LOVE working with fabric. sheer, full curtains, partials, that the dancers can interact wit

Para ti que seguro que estás en esta situación con otra u otras personas te será beneficioso que alguien te recuerde, para que puedas recordarles, que si os va a destruir, el orgullo es ridículo.

Christian Schloe Set Your Heart Free Take Me Somewhere Nice Your True Nature Sources: Christian’s Art Flakes View Original Source Here

Enamórate de una mujer que entienda que el amor es libre

this picture speaks to my soul. Like the rain is washing away your worry and trouble and stress. And even if it's only for a moment you are completely relaxed and calm-A.Long You are pure and free.