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Saw these style boards on Oriental Trading for use as geometry boards. Wondered a diy hack. Use glue on bottom circle of thumbtack to secure it from being plucked out by little fingers. Sowdering About in Seattle: Toddler Busy Boxes

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Maquina de sumar// addition machine /// "fun" math ****advise: NO math are fun, never.

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This can be changed to letters instead of numbers and the hands can reflect sign language for each letter to show inclusiveness for children and family members with hearing disabilities.


Easy DIY Giant Dice

Description- Will teach kids how to understand the differences between shapes, and creating their own images with the sticks. Age Group- 3-5 Foundations- M4.2: Exhibit ability to identify, describe, analyze, compare, and create shapes. M4.1: Understanding of spatial relationships.

Could make from Painted Sticks! Homemade Pop Stick Shapes Dominoes - simple hands-on game for learning and playing with shapes.

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Change it to a dragon and flames, or a bear and bowls of porridge, or prince/princess and crowns.