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an old black and white photo of people working in a factory with skyscrapers behind them
Metropolis 1927
a lamp that is on top of a night stand with mickey mouse and other disney characters
Mickey lamp © Marcelo Isarrualde
three vintage pin - up adverts from the 1950's, one in pink and one in yellow
© Alberto Vargas
there is a white mannequin in the middle of a crowd
Indignados © Marcelo Isarrualde
a man is wearing a large mask and posing for the camera
La Mercè © Marcelo Isarrualde
mannequins dressed in green and purple are standing behind a glass display window
Barcelona © Marcelo Isarrualde
three men are sitting at a table in front of a tv screen on the street
Barcelona © Marcelo Isarrualde
a woman's face is reflected in the window of a building
Barcelona © Marcelo Isarrualde
the sun shines brightly through some plants
a group of people standing under a blue tent with stars hanging from it's ceiling
Fiestas de Gracia, Barcelona
a red statue is standing in an alley way with buildings behind it and a building on the other side
Hole © Marcelo Isarrualde
an old library filled with lots of books and leather chairs next to a coffee table
Bookstore © Marcelo Isarrualde
the shadow of a person standing on top of dry grass and plants in the sun
Buscando piñas en el bosque
a group of people sitting around a table in a room with lots of lights hanging from the ceiling
Fiestas de Gracia, Barcelona