Isarrualde Workshops

Pictures taken during the diverses Photography Workshops I give regularly.
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a woman leaning up against a building with her hand on the wall and looking into the window
La puerta condenada
Off camera flash
a woman standing in front of a camera next to an old building
a woman standing in front of a building with a camera and umbrella on the ground
Fashion, Dress, Maxi Dress
Trousers, Suits, Pants, Pantsuit
two pictures of people working in a workshop
Jackets, Coat, Duster, Duster Coat
two pictures of an old man with a beard and white hair holding a book in his hands
a woman in a black dress standing next to a red booth
a woman is taking pictures with her cell phone and people are standing on the wall
Kimono Top, Women's Top
two pictures of a man sitting at a desk in front of a car hanging from the ceiling
Strapless Top
a woman standing in the middle of a street at night
a man with an umbrella in front of his head and another person behind him looking at the camera