Future tenses Future simple (will) and BE GOING TO key TIME expressions : tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, tonight, soon, next wee.

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This worksheet contains 6 different tenses to talk about the future. Each tense has a short explanation + example sentences. Students need to complete the sentences.

EXPRESSING FUTURE. ESL Worksheet of the day by rmartinandres. March 8, 2015

Two pages about a basic grammar point that consist of some teacher's tips to help the students to choose the right future form: will, be going to or present continuous;

IR + A + INFINITVO Practica de vocabulario verbal

BE GOING TO for future intentions & predictions worksheet - Free ESL printable worksheets made by teachers

AskPaulEnglish: FUTURE PERFECT (For Progress)  #tefl #esl #grammar #ielts #toefl #toeic #learnenglish

AskPaulEnglish: FUTURE PERFECT (For Progress) #tefl #esl #grammar #ielts #toefl #toeic #learnenglish

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