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three heart shaped cookies sitting on top of a table
a man wearing a green and white elf costume smiling at the camera with his mouth open
I just like to smile smiling's my favorite
a book cover with an image of people walking in the snow and houses behind it
Kipik Art & Stuff
Elizaveta Vasnetsova
an image of a window with bells on it
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two wooden chairs with yellow flowers on the back and seat, one has a green ribbon tied around it
Wedding Dresses, Bridesmaids Dresses & More | Anthropologie Weddings
Chair Garlands
a paint can being filled with white whipped cream
Paint Dipped Pinecones
there are many doily hanging on the curtain
Doily Snowflakes
doily snow flakes
pine cones are hanging from a string on a white wall, and someone is holding them in their hand
Amy Merrick
some food is being made and ready to be cooked on the table with someone's hands
Swedish Lucia Saffron Buns & Video — Green Kitchen Stories
a green wreath with white bows hanging on the wall