Salami, cheese and olive ★ #aperitivo #fiesta Salchichón/Salami, Queso del país y aceituna rellena

Olive, Mozzarella, & Salami Easy Appetizer: Skewer an olive, marinated mini-mozzarella ball, of a slice of thick cut salami or pepperoni.


Delish ways to serve crostini salmon+creme cheese+capers pesto+mozzarella+cherry tomatoes cheese+creme cheese+cucumbers+dried cranberries

Aceitunas rellenas: receta ultra fácil. Gordales con salmón, queso, jamón, boquerones aliñadas con un buen aceite. ¡Qué ricas!

Whole Gordales Olives with salmon, cheese, ham, anchovies seasoned with a good oil.

testo tiene muy buena pinta

Bacon-Wrapped Cocktail Sausages

Bacon-Wrapped Cocktail Sausages - A super easy and yummy appetizer for any party, especially Super Bowl. Cocktail sausage, bacon, and brown .


mini sandwiches Ccutting them would be very tricky but they look quite nice