Sew doilies together to make a table runner.there's doilies at every thrift store & I might dye them first? :) this is a really cute idea. takes an ugly doily and makes it interesting and dynamic

fresh fruit ice cubes

How to Make Fruity Ice Cubes. Fruity ice cubes are delicious to suck on if you have a sore throat, or to add to cock/mocktails etc etc. In an ice - cube mould, half fill half of the squares with water.

flip side...

Una mesa de fiesta DIY

Love the upturned wine glass with tea light candles and trapped florwers for a center piece

just pure awesome-ness

A fall outdoor party! Been talking about doing a fall party this year and this gives me some great ideas!

center piece

easy autumn center piece - drill holes in a log add candles and small gourds. (I would place the candles in a glass candle holder before placing them into the log.

Butterfly Party Decor

Butterfly Lanterns - Brighten up a room or an outdoor get-together with these beautiful butterflies cut from printed and solid-color paper. Here, we affixed the butterflies to paper lanterns to create an adorable party decoration.

making moravian stars for christmas this year.

making moravian stars for christmas this year--we made these in sixth grade--so amazing!