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someone is spreading chocolate frosting on the top of a pie crust in a bowl
Triple Chocolate Layer Pie with a Hazelnut-Cocoa Crust {gluten-free}
1h 20m
some brownies on a plate with leaves in the background
Brownie fácil de chocolate y calabaza
a wooden cutting board topped with lots of cake next to a knife and some sugar
Tarta de chocolate, berenjena y café - Fotografía Gastronómica y Recetas
Chocolate Tart...with a side serving of Choctál #singleorigingoodness??
three jars filled with desserts sitting on top of a wooden table next to coffee beans
3,975 Me gusta, 100 comentarios - Laura López (@lauraponts) en Instagram: "Tiramisú"
a diagram showing the different types of hats
Cómo hacer un Bizcocho de Yogur Esponjoso -
Receta del bizcocho de yogur esponjoso
a piece of cake with pink frosting and sprinkles next to it
Tarta filo de mousse de cerezas
Tarta filo de mousse de cerezas -
blueberry muffins and chocolate chips in a muffin tin ready to be eaten
Blackberry-Chocolate Chunk Muffins
Muffins are basically as close as you can get to enjoying cake for breakfast without actually eating a slice of cake. And I’m very down with that.
a chocolate bunt cake cut in half on a table
Chocolate marble cake with mocha glaze
Chocolate marble cake with mocha glaze: This chocolate marble cake with mocha glaze looks really impressive and tastes just as good
a cake with white frosting and chocolate chip cookies next to it on a plate
Receta tarta chips Ahoy® {Paso a paso} - Blog Megasilvita
Una tarta deliciosa para fans de las famosas galletas Chips Ahoy. Te explicamos paso a paso la elaboración y decoración para que triunfes.
there is a piece of cake on the plate and another slice has been taken out
PUNTXET Receta tarta de stracciatella fácil y sin horno #receta #recipe #tratas #cake
a chocolate cake with red sprinkles on it and a plate in the background
Receta Tarta de Stracciatella
a bundt cake with icing drizzled over it on a table
Cream Cheese Swirled Brown Sugar Pumpkin Coffee Cake.
Cream Cheese Swirled Brown Sugar Pumpkin Coffee Cake | @hbharvest
1h 10m
a white cake with strawberries on it and a slice missing from the cake plate
Easy No Bake White Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe -
white chocolate cheesecake with fruits and whipped cream.
2h 15m
a chocolate cake with white frosting and cookies on top is sitting on a plate
Cookie Dough Cake
Combine classic chocolate cake with your favourite guilty pleasure in this Cookie Dough Chocolate Cake! |
a pink cake with chocolate icing and cherries on top
Fresh Cherry Cake with Chocolate Ganache
Recipes | Cakes ➡ A 3 layer white cake filled with chopped cherries and cherry buttercream. Topped with a drizzled chocolate ganache and fresh cherries!