Mark Erickson. agua??grisalla, esgrafiado

architectural map rendering which seeks to convey the experience, emotion, and power of a place. This artists work looks slightly like Derek Lerner's map work

ANDREW CARDO - Año 3/1 Semestre / modelo de Rotary

Andrew Chard Year 3 Semester 1 Rotary Model Layered cartography done with Laser Cutting

Revista 3×3 · Arquitectura | CIU

Inspiration for visually documenting and researching The High Street.

AA School of Architecture Projects Review 2012 - Diploma 17 - Hwui Zhi Cheng

aa school of architecture projects diploma 17 [hwui zhi cheng]

Madrid map print

Madrid map print

interesante grafica para maqueta grande

mapping with illustrator, photoshop, autoCAD

Kisho Kurokawa | Agricultural City | 1961

“Agricultural City” by Kisho Kurokawa living units multiply spontaneously without any hierarchy, gradually bringing the village into being as the traditional rural settlement has developed throughout Japanese history.

John Cook: Weld County, CO_Fracking vs Agriculture


Remediated Landscape, John Cook –––––– University of Westminster John Cook Semester 1 Project Professors : Lindsay Bremner - Roberto Bott.

Madrid, Spain poster - Routelines: detailed posters and prints of cities and their roads

An intricate poster of Madrid, Spain poster outlined only by its roads in beautiful detail.

El Hombre del tiempo - tablero de juego El Hombre del Tiempo es un trabajo de arquitectura y geografía experimental realizado en el ámbito d...

use of color//busy

A partir de datos API de Twitter y Flickr, el cartógrafo Eric Fischer traza un mapa a partir de las fotografías tomadas en diferentes lugares por autóctonos o turistas.

Photos by Locals and Tourists in San Francisco by Eric Fischer. Blue pictures are by locals. Red pictures are by tourists. Yellow pictures might be by either.



BLANK MAPS - La Lettura #132 - Corriere della Sera on Behance

The map shows the predominant colors of pictures taken in Milan (source: Panoramio).The initial concept of the project was to represent the cities examined as if they were 'Blank Maps' , ie making sure that the shapes emerged showing only the predominan…