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Hoist her high! It's THE day for red, white, and blue. <> As the US Flag Code states: “The flag represents a living country and is itself considered a living thing. 8 – Respect For Flag] (July Independence Day, USA)

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A French ship of the century - La Sirene - Inspiration for La Amatista in Caribbean jewel

Fregatte ~~~ HMS Surprise -

HMS Surprise, formerly commissioned as HMS Rose. Re-christened as HMS Surprise after her roll in "Master & Commander: Far Side of the World".

Pirate's Lady...tall ship...arrrg me maties

A two-masted brig: "A full-rigged brig is square-rigged at both her masts., This brig is likely the 1989 replica of the century Lady Washington.

De batavia

Batavia was a ship of the Dutch East India Company (VOC). It was built in Amsterdam in and armed with 24 cast-iron cannons. A twentieth century replica of the ship is also called the Batavia and can be visited in Lelystad, Netherlands.