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a person is sitting on the ground and holding an open book with pictures inside it
_inkplay_ on Instagram: Painted this super quickly in literally 5 min 🙈(or maybe less).. I always wanted to make such a video.. finally got the chance when i…
an artist's notebook with watercolors, paints and flowers on the table
SHRIYA: lettering & journals (@_inkplay_) posted on Instagram: “This was really very therapeutic to paint 😍 Should i post the process video of this too? . Watercolor book from @ayushpaper24 Watercolors…” • Apr 25, 2021 at 1:03pm UTC
Urban sketch
Difficulty: Medium
an artist's watercolors and paint set on a bed next to flowers
_inkplay_ on Instagram: Better late than never❤️ Drew this in @karenabend ‘s #sketchbookrevival2021 😍 i cannot even explain how happy i felt when i completed this…