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the inside and outside of a glass house
25 Brilliant Tiny Homes That Will Inspire You To Live Small.
the inside of a train station with trees in the back ground and on top of it
Wilkinson Residence | Robert Harvey Oshatz | Organic Architect
Organic Architect Robert Oshatz’s house ( Portland, Oregon )
an open living room with lots of furniture and large glass windows on the side of it
Gallery of Redux House / studio mk27 - 5
nice woodz and concrete .... .. . . ☱☲☱☶☱☲☱ . .. . ... Redux House / Studiomk27
an image of a tree house in the woods with snow on the ground and trees around it
Planet Posts (@planetposts) on X
Mirrored tree house in Sweden.
an image of a dining room and kitchen in the same house on instagrams
cabbagerose :: architectural inspiration
a small house with a green roof and decking area in the middle of a yard
an apartment building with green glass balconies
architecture norway | Housing, Korsgata 5, Oslo
architecture norway | Housing, Korsgata 5, Oslo
three different plans for a house that is in the process of being built, including two levels
House Plan CH275
Small House Plan to narrow lot.
a very tall building with lots of windows on top of it's sides at night
Created as a living space, I dream of this as an office with all that natural light and views. Creativity would flourish in a space like this!
the inside of a building with wooden walls and stairs leading up to an upper level
Casa Scout / BAAG
Casa Scout by BAAG (Architect In Charge: Griselda Balian, Gabriel Monteleone, Gaston Noriega, Maria Emilia Porcelli) / Buenos Aires, Argentina
a tall building with many windows and people walking in the walkways below it on a cloudy day
Gyeongju Tower South Korea
an unusual building that looks like it is made out of white plastic and has many windows
Interior design and architecture magazine exploring what’s next in spatial design.
HANDS Corporation Headquarters by The_System Lab - News - Frameweb #architecture
a tall building with many windows and lights on it's sides at night time
Hotel Click Clack / Plan:b arquitectos
Hotel Click Clack / Plan B Arquitectos
an artist's rendering of a house with a swimming pool in the foreground
Luxurious house with transparent swimming pool. - Style Estate -