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an abstract painting with circles and dots on the surface, in shades of brown, beige, white and black
Acrylic, ink and acetate
Arte para todos.
several pieces of art are laying on the floor next to a printer and some papers
a person is drawing on a piece of paper with a black marker and red ink
the footprints of two people are shown in the white sand, with one person's hand on it
Grabado en metal, 55mm de largo. #grabado #engraving #cobre #workshop #atelier…
How To Create Grungy Resist Gel Prints With Petroleum Jelly
Encaustic Rainbow Inlay
Hand embroidery.Aesthetic clothes.Embroidered by LAMPAembr on Etsy
Whimsical Girl Drawing with Gold leaf Butterflies Art by Lorisity
Creating layers
an abstract drawing with lines and curves on the surface, as if it were made out of paper
la nena coneja
#176 - ☀️ Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun 🎶
How do you make a lithograph print?
an artistic drawing of a tree with leaves on it's trunk and branches in the center
Tiles: Ceramic Wall Art & Backsplash Tile — Natalie Blake Studios
a wooden table topped with lots of crafting supplies next to a pair of scissors
2019 #16 Topic Introduction: Stamp Carving
two hands are touching an intricately detailed metal surface with flowers and leaves on it
Welcome to ArtWindStudio, to buy your favorite paintings.
Dining Room Wallpaper - Modern Murals for Accent Walls - Hovia UK
a long wooden table with a tree on it and some crayons next to it
52 Weeks of Printmakers: Kelli MacConnell - Jen Hewett
Botanical greenery vegetable print Reduction Edition Linocut | Etsy
some fish are sitting on top of a piece of paper with a marker next to it
With the tide
a pen sitting on top of a black surface next to a leaf pattern and leaves
On Block Printing: Jesse Breytenbach of Henri Kuikens – Block Printed Textiles
Grabados Más
a drawing of a tree with an acorn on the top and two rows of crops below it
a woman is working on an intricate design with her hands and fingers, while she sits at a table
Linocut printing
Woodcut Stamp Art
This unique stamp art is a woodcut above the rest.
two hands are holding up a large black and white pillow that looks like a fingerprint
Maceta Gatuna
DIY Easy Artwork, tree stump print, compliments of nature
some rocks are sitting on a towel next to a rock and a paper with the word love written in it
Fabric pebble collage and playing with Photoshop
CAROLYN SAXBY MIXED MEDIA TEXTILE ART: Fabric pebble collage and playing with Photoshop
a woman's face with birds flying around her and the image is made up of multiple images
#fondos #fondosdepantalla #fondosdepantallabonitos #fondostumblr #wallpaper #wallpaperiphone
a woman is laying down with her head in the air and flowers coming out of her face
Las mágicas ilustraciones de Christian Schloe - Cultura Inquieta
Las mágicas ilustraciones de Christian Schloe - Cultura Inquieta
an abstract painting of a red tree in the middle of a park with cars parked under it
Las hojas no caen, se sueltan
Siempre me ha parecido espectacular la caída de una hoja. Ahora, sin embargo, me doy cuenta que ninguna hoja “se cae” sino que llegado el escenario del otoño inicia la danza maravillosa del soltarse. Cada hoja que se suelta es una invitación a nuestra predisposición al desprendimiento. Las hojas no caen, se desprenden en un gesto supremo de generosidad y profundo de sabiduría: la hoja que no se aferra a la rama y se lanza al vacío del aire sabe del latido profundo de una vida que está siempre...
a piece of paper that has been altered to look like black and white paint on it
Comprar Obra Gráfica original: Grabado, Litografía y Serigrafía a la venta
Eduardo Chillida grabado al aguafuerte Yves Bonnefoy: Une Hélène de vent ou de fumée II Obra Gráfica numerado a mano en venta comprar
a watercolor painting of a woman with leaves on her head
an abstract black and white photo with the center surrounded by thin strips of hair that are blowing in the wind
Iris. Pupil.
four faces are shown in the same line
Técnicas para dibujar
four different images of people in the same photo, each with their own face and hair
Marco Grassi Painter
Marco Grassi http://marcograssipainter.com/
an abstract drawing with lines and curves on the surface, as if it were made out of paper
la nena coneja
la nena coneja
four different angles of a man's face with multiple facial expressions and hair color
Process stages to my Tom Hardy study :) #portrait #tutorial #stepbystep #process…
four different images of a woman's face and head, with multiple angles to the left
Aaron Griffin zeigt uns, wie seine Portraits in Photoshop entstehen - KlonBlog
Beim Rumschnökern bin ich mal wieder auf einen sehr talentierten jungen Mann getroffen. Der 24-jährige Aaron Griffin ist Künstler durch und durch, seine Kunstwerke entstehen allerdings nicht auf der Leinwand, sondern am Rechner. Aaron setzt nämlich auf Pho
there are many different cd's on the table
18 Cosas geniales que puedes hacer con tus viejos CDs
18 Cosas geniales que puedes hacer con tus viejos CDs
a person is using a blue marker to paint a piece of art
textura, pegamento papel de seda bastidor acrilico 3 colores y crayon pastoso
a hand holding a blue marker on top of a piece of paper that is covered in paint
Mixed media crumpled tissue technique - tutorial
Texturas con papel
a paintbrush is being used to paint a wall
An Old Technique Is Made Young, Again!
Texturizar una página. Se Hace joven, otra vez!
an advertisement for the color scheme in spanish and english, with different colors on it
220 Tendencias ideas | style, how to wear, fashion
Con esta guía aprende a utilizar los colores en tu imagen de acuerdo a lo que estas intentando comunicar.
three different colors are shown in this graphic
Consultorio de Estilo: sabes qué colores te favorecen?
Consultorio de Estilo: ¿sabes qué colores te favorecen?
the color scheme for different colors
El color, la base de cualquier diseño
an info sheet showing the different types of aircrafts that can be seen in this image
Teoría del Color.
Por cortesía de “www.agrego.com.ar” aquí la teoría del color.