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a cat standing on top of a wooden cabinet
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Cream, she-cat, lives in a warehouse so she has lots of room to explore. She hunts mice, and rats but also stray birds. Very adventurist. (Open)
a white cat with blue eyes sitting on a tree branch looking at the camera,
A Positively Beautiful Blog 2
I love white cats ♡
a white cat laying on its back with it's eyes wide open
¿Qué hacen los gatos cuando salen de casa?
gato tierno
a cat sitting on top of a tree branch in the grass next to white flowers
A Positively Beautiful Blog
"A cat is a lion in a jungle of small bushes." --Indian Proverb
a small kitten with blue eyes laying on a blanket
The Enchanted Cove
Beautiful kitten
a gray and white cat laying on top of a cement ground next to a plant
don't call me betty
Just look at that incredibly precious little white and grey face <3
a black cat with green eyes surrounded by flowers
Awesome kitty picture!
a cat peeking out from under a blanket that says, no e che sono a letto
You don't work there any more... I went last week... so confused about nrc. Absolutely certain how I feel about you.
a black cat sitting in the middle of a field full of yellow and purple flowers
Beautiful Black Cat
Beautiful Black Cat
a black and white kitten sitting on top of a bed looking at the camera with one eye open
Sus ojos son exactamente igual a los de mi Tommy. Aawww simplemente hermosos.
a cat with blue eyes sitting on the ground
Beautiful Cat Eyes.
a small kitten sitting on top of a white table
Gato tierno pequeño
an orange cat sitting on the ground looking up
Birds, thats all I see.
looking yonder
a close up of a cat with orange eyes
wowtastic-nature: Tariya by Сергей Винников on (Original Size - Height: 1600px - Width: 1063px)
an orange and white cat with green eyes looking at the camera while it's close up
"Nature breaks through the eyes of a cat." --Irish Proverb