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an abstract pattern with red, white and blue shapes on it's surface is featured in this image
Featured Designer: Jocelyn Proust
Featured Designer: Jocelyn Proust – Pattern Observer
a green background with mushrooms and plants
Patterns — Genna Blackburn
pears with leaves and dots on a pink background
Premium Vector | Hand drawn seamless pear pattern.
a blue background with colorful flowers and leaves
Patterns — Genna Blackburn
an abstract painting of birds and flowers on a red, black, blue, yellow and pink background
Returns – Farm Rio
an orange, yellow and green fruit pattern on a light pink background with lots of leaves
an animal and zebra pattern on a white background
Moody Jungle
The mighty #jungle. #Casetify #iPhone #Animals #Zebra #Tiger #Bird #Flowers #Floral #Art #Design #Creative #Beautiful
a painting of watermelon, bananas and pineapples on a white background
Animation, Psd Icon, Phone Wallpaper, Background, Vector Free, Clip Art, Vector Photo
Wallpaper Kate 19
an orange pattern on a pink background with green leaves and red fruit in the foreground
Inspiration 58 / Ruby Taylor — Saturday School
Image via Ruby Taylor // I love how fun and playful her illustrations are, and how each image is so simple and childlike but still looks finished. I also think it’s amazing how Ruby can convey a really profound message through simple colors and shapes. #illustration #colorillustration #fruitillustration
an ocean scene with many different types of animals and sea creatures on black background, watercolor
Marce López / Illustration & Pattern Design
Pattern for spring summer 19 collection Mermaids. Minueto Spain. Sea animals