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an animal poster is shown with different types of animals and their names in english or spanish
Playful Watercolors Illustrate the Many Classifications of the Animal Kingdom — Colossal
Illustrator and amateur naturalist Kelsey Oseid is focused on detailing the natural world, illustrating the animal kingdom's many classes and orders on posters created with watercolor and gouache. The posters highlight more known orders such as Carnivora and Rodentia, while also showcasing the diver
an illustration of different types of owls on a white background with the words, strigiforms
Luter Gemmatum
Luter Gemmatum
a poster with penguins and other birds in different poses, all on one side of the frame
an illustration of birds of the family paradisse, with their names and pictures
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an illustration of various types of snakes and other aquatic creatures, with the caption's description below
a poster with different types of fish and other marine creatures on it's sides
an image of different types of sharks
The family Delphinidae is the largest in the Cetacean order, and evolved relatively recently, about ten million years ago. There are … | Дельфины, Косатки, Зоология
a poster with different kinds of birds on it's back side and the words, passeriforms
Delightful Posters Illustrate the Beautiful Diversity of the Animal Kingdom
Animal Illustrations Animal Groups Kelsey Oseid
an animal poster with different types of lizards on it's back and the words, creatures of the lower urodela
an animal poster with pictures of primates and other animals in different colors, sizes and shapes
Delightful Posters Illustrate the Beautiful Diversity of the Animal Kingdom
a poster with different types of whales on it's sides and the names of them