Taberna do Cantón

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a stone wall in the middle of a restaurant with tables and chairs next to it
Taberna do Cantón: detalle do interior // Detalle del interior // Detail of the interior
an office with wooden floors and black walls is lit by recessed lights above the desk
Mesas altas da Taberna do Cantón // Mesas altas de la Taberna do Cantón // High tables at Taberna do Cantón
an old building with a clock on the front and side of it's glass door
Exterior da fachada (esquina) da Taberna do Cantón // Exterior de la fachada (esquina) de la Taberna do Cantón // Corner-front of the building
a lamp hanging from the side of a window in front of some trees and buildings
Detalle do logo no cristal
an empty restaurant with tables and chairs in the center, along with stone walls on both sides
Interior xeral