Flamenco Show in Granada (Spain)

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traditional spanish dances are featured in this collage
Spanish traditional dances
What is the iconic dance in Spain? Flamenco, of course. It is originally from 18th century in #Andalucia, especially associated with the Gypsy population. It is saide that the origins can be traced back to Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, India, Israel & the far east There are also more traditional Spanish dances to be appreciated. To name a few, there are Zambra, Sevillana, Jota, Sardana and many more. photos and info credited to theculturetrip.com
a group of people sitting and standing in front of a woman wearing a black dress
Flamenco show in Granada - Meghan Guilfoyle
#Flamenco show in #Granada - Meghan Guilfoyle by APIstudyabroad, via Flickr