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Red, White, and Blueberry Trifle

Red, White and Blueberry Trifle dessert recipe. of July dessert - oh yeah! I make this with bananas and strawberries but I'll be doing it wuth blueberries instead to try it out!

Early Finisher activities

Early Finisher activities - Put this in a ziplog bag and make one for each student as an early finish go to assignment. Have them keep the assignments in the ziplog bag for safe keeping. When they complete a row, column, or diagonal REWARD!

With all of the words we say we’ve stopped using some particularly wonderful ones.

I love words, and the English language is so very vast. Unfortunately we hear so very little of it on a daily basis. Expand your vocabulary; expand your mind.

What Type of Learner Are You? infographic

Good instructional design involves an analysis of the learner. We should ask, "Does this instructional design match my students' learning styles"? Use this infographic to reflect on various learning styles.

left and right brain

Psychology infographic and charts Left Brain vs. Right Brain (Infographic) Infographic Description Left Brain vs. Right Brain -- Have you ever wondered why

There two types of people…

Okay, I text upward- my toilet paper is in the front- nacho cheese- xbox- Apple- Nike- SnapBack- ~I have Sprint~ Monster- Coke- Fanta- Digital Watch- Call of Duty- : ) - lol My choices ;

My chart looks almost exactly like this!

Free family chore cards and chart templates that you can use to help organize your household. These chore charts for kids will help teach responsibility and self-reliance. These free printable chore chart templates include chores, behavior, family and re…

Free Famous Fonts - These are great for themed birthday parties!

Love and Laundry: My Favorite {Free} Famous Fonts: Handy for themed birthday party invitations & printables!

Math for future quick reference

math: Fun math trick and a visual representation of multiplication that actually makes sense and goes pretty quickly (aka students don't have to draw 25 groups of

Get On The Bus ! Easy shapes school bus craft perfect for toddlers & preschoolers - No Time For Flash Cards

Get On The Bus ! Easy shapes school bus craft perfect for toddlers & preschoolers - No Time For Flash Cards week 12