Spain. The confession. Pilgrimage of Nuestra Senora de los Milagros de Saavedra, Galicia,1980 // Cristina Garcia Rodero (Spain Hidden, 1989)

Expat Prakriti Bhanot interviews one of Spain’s greatest photographers, Cristina Garcia Rodero. Rodero is the third person to receive the highest National award for photography in Spain and has published photography books.

Cristina Garcia Rodero

Cristina Garcia Rodero from Spain is one of the finest members of Magnum Photos. Gaining lot of discreet knowledge from art background she took up photogra

Cristina García Rodero, España Oculta, Spain

Holy Saturday, Puglia, Italy, 2000 by Cristina Garcia Rodero. Group of women marching on the streets and singing their grief at the death of Christ