Ibn sina (Avicenna)

Abù Alì al-Hussain ibn Sìnà meglio conosciuto con il nome di Avicenna. Egli nasce a Bukhara nel 980. Per ragioni politiche, nel 1002, abbandona la sua terra, morirà poi, nel 1037, a Hamadàn, per una colica.
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Still from the film "The Physician" in which the Shah (played by Oliver Martinez, right) is treated by Avicenna (played by Ben Kingsley, left) (source: UFA Cinema GmbH)

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Avicenna Canone in arabo frontespizio

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Hektoen International journal of the medical humanities

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AAPBBMKVD Imaginary debate between Averroes [the Latinized form of Ibn Rushd, 1126 - and Porphyry. Reproduction in "Inventions et decouvertes au Moyen-Age", Samuel Sadaune.

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Avicenna has been recognized by both East and West, as one of the great figures in intellectual history.

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This photo from Samarkand, East is titled 'Avicenna Uzbekistan'.

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The statue of Avicenna in United Nations Office in Vienna as a part of the "Persian Scholars Pavilion" donated by Iran