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the walkway is lined with brick walls and plants on each side, along with an open area for seating
Reportaje de fotografia de arquitectura del colegio Teresianas-Ganduxer en Barcelona | Simón García | arqfoto
a building with plants growing on it's side and the top part of its facade
Galería de Park ‘n’ Play / JAJA Architects - 1
Galería de Park ‘n’ Play / JAJA Architects - 47
an office building covered in green plants on the side of it's face and windows
a house with plants growing out of the windows
an apartment building with vertical plants on the side and balconies on the second floor
two people standing on the roof of a building with plants growing out of it's windows
the side of a building with some metal bars on it
Mallas metálicas de Sysprotec
Mallas metálicas / Sysprotec
the side of an apartment building with metal slats on it's windows and shutters
Viviendas que combinan lamas fijas y orientables
an office building with many windows on the side
method of shading with fixed horizontal shades on the facade of a corporate building.
an orange building with many windows and shutters
UC Davis West Village at 45 Hutchison Drive in Davis, California.
the instructions for how to install an oven door and shelf in your kitchen or dining room
Illuminazione nei luoghi di lavoro: la normativa UNI 12464