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Explore top urban living ideas to create a stylish and functional space that embraces the modern lifestyle. Discover innovative designs and solutions to maximize your urban living experience.
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The end of the year brings a chance to retreat, relax and reflect - and we embrace this state fully in our latest issue of est magazine. Issue 31 is a celebration of spaces to bring balance; from a home overhauled to bring more alignment with its natural surroundings to a family home turned weekend getaway, these are places of retreat. This time of year is also a space to be merry and to cherish those around us, so we’ve collected gift ideas from leading design influencers to inspire your…

Sara R. Gallardo
5+ Loft Living Room Ideas for a Chic Urban Aesthetic • 333+ Images • [ArtFacade] Living Room Designs, Interior, Home Interior Design, Cozy Living Rooms, Living Room Inspiration, Apartment Decor, Sophisticated Living Rooms, Living Room Decor Modern, Living Room Decor

Discover chic and urban loft living room ideas in our latest post. Explore five stylish concepts, ranging from industrial to bohemian and minimalist aesthetics, to transform your loft into a space that's both comfortable and visually impressive.

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