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Explore the fascinating world of SMS language and discover the unique abbreviations and acronyms used in text messaging. Get ready to LOL and learn how to communicate like a pro with our guide to SMS language.
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Text Abbreviations! Following is a list of popular text abbreviations & internet acronyms in English you might not know. Text Abbreviations 2DAY : today 2MORROW : tomorrow B : be B4 : before BF : boyfriend BRO : brother WTH: what

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English Most Common WhatsApp Abbreviations List SWW – Sorry wrong window SUP – What’s up TG – That’s great AAR – At any rate AEAE – And ever and ever BBS – Be back soon EOM – End of message GBTW – Get back to work Gonna/Gunna – Going to IDGI – I don’t get it NWS – Not work safe OT – Off topic OP – Original poster PM – Private message R8 – Right RT – Retweet RL – Real life SD – Sweet dreams SS – So sorry SU – Shut up TY – Thank you TC