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Elevate your sandwich game with these creative and functional packaging ideas. Find inspiration to make your sandwiches stand out and keep them fresh for on-the-go enjoyment.
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ABOUT What to name a brand of sandwiches that stands out for the freshness of their ingredients? “FRESWICH”. It’s fairly obvious, but we mustn’t forget that it’s often the most obvious things that work best, and when it comes to the difficult art of naming products, this is a golden rule. This very desire to…

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EGG DROP is a franchise brand of egg sandwiches offering healthy meals to modern city dwellers. The logo mark expresses the company's contrasting themes of urban identity and soft egg sandwiches through its curves and simple logotype. The City Grid pattern presents EGG DROP locations throughout the city and expresses an urban and well-organized system. The brand's key color conveys vitality, combined with black and white and vivid red to represent modernity.

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I knew it. I just KNEW this was going to happen. Continuing to advance in this competition I knew there would be some point I would have to cook or do something non-baking related. Lo and behold, I made it to the next round (thank you... seriously, from the bottom of my heart). As I read carefully through the prompt, there was a sinking feeling that came over the pit of my stomach... Challenge #6: Road Trip! For this challenge, you're tasked with creating a delicious meal that will travel…

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