Pastel en forma de carro

Sorprende a todos con un pastel en forma de carro para tu próxima celebración. Descubre las mejores ideas para crear un pastel único y delicioso que dejará a todos impresionados.
mcqueen Step-by-step by Verusca on DeviantArt Desserts, Cake, Cars Birthday Cake, Cool Birthday Cakes, Car Cake Tutorial, Cakes For Boys, Party Cakes, Car Cake, Cars Birthday Parties

Description Ok... here is a step-by-step how to do a Lightning Mcqueen Photo nº1 is a block of chocolate mudcake. Photo nº2 it is a tip, use a photo of the car in original size to carve your cake. Photo nº3 cake it is shaped..."It is the most important part ... if you get the shape right now everything else will look perfect. Photo nº4 cover you cake with chocolate ganache or butter cream or anything that makes the fondant stick. Photo nº5 Cover the cake with red fondant Photo nº6 Black…

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