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Gain valuable insights about your child's needs through parent surveys. Discover ways to improve their education, health, and overall well-being with the help of data-driven feedback from other parents.
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Do you ever wonder how your students' parents see you? Do they think you're a good teacher? Are they happy with the progress their child is making? Do they wish you would communicate more? Do they complain every night about the homework you send? I know many of us only see a parent once a conferences or the annual IEP meeting....and sometimes not even then. Well this year my district is implementing the new teacher evaluation system using the Nevada Educator Performance Framework…

Amy Kelly
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I'm the kind of person that likes to get ready for the next year before the end of this year. I know. You can call me crazy. It's ok. I understand. But it's the way I am. So what am I getting ready? Forms to send home during Meet and Greet: My Parent Survey (it's free!). I keep this in my communication folder. This is what I send home so that I can take pictures for my blog. I know it has my information on it, but if you need it for something else, then maybe you can use it as a template…

Taryn Israelson
Classroom Freebies: A 'Getting to Know Your Child' Questionnaire Pre K, Parents, Teacher Resources, Parent Questionnaire, Parent Teacher Communication, Parenting, Parent Survey, Parents As Teachers, Getting To Know You

**UPDATE** I guess I had second grade on the original questionnaire, so I made this a little more generic for multiple grade levels. Instead of using a grade, I just said ‘this school year.’ I hope this helps you out! I love to have parents fill out this questionnaire because it not only helps me ... Read More about A ‘Getting to Know Your Child’ Questionnaire

Jennifer Reed