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Explore unique and creative tattoo painting ideas to express your individuality. Find inspiration for your next tattoo design with these stunning painting techniques.
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If you're up for something light, uplifting and badass all at the same time, Abii's tattoos are just the thing you were looking for. She uses a combination of watercolor-like aesthetics, beautiful subjects like birds, trees and flowers and styles inspired by famous painters to create a powerful concoction of inkwork, and her increasing number of fans are fawning over them.

Angel Gilletti
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Any tattoo requires lots of patience, skill, and a steady hand, of course. In addition to that, it calls for a beautiful design. And combining it all usually results in some quite impressive works leaving the admirers in awe. Whether it’s their intricacy, the size, the color combination, or everything at once that impresses people the most, there’s no other choice but to applaud the artists behind them.

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Adding one and one doesn't always equal two. Sometimes the thing becomes less than two, and other times it is much more than just two. In other words, sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The latter case is true to Hakan Adik, who adds motifs of famous paintings and popular characters to create his own unique style of tattoos.