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Transform your space into a creative haven with these inspiring art studio ideas. Discover tips and tricks to organize and personalize your own art studio for endless artistic possibilities.
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I remember years ago, before I had a studio I would to go to art workshops and often there would be a long wall with nails in it for students to hang their canvases and paint. I have always loved painting straight up much better than the traditional easel with a tilt. I remember putting nails in the wall of the kids playroom (a.k.a the guest room, office, spare room) so I could continue painting this way after I was home from the workshops.Then a few years ago when my hubby and I designed my…

Amanda Kingsmore
Can you Kon Mari your studio? - Alice Sheridan: contemporary artist Art Materials Organization, Art Studio Storage, Painting Station, Art Studio Space, Art Studio Room, Art Studio Organization, Art Studio Design, Art Supply Organization, Art Studio At Home

This time of year always sparks a desire to freshen things up a little; often accompanied by a need to declutter and tidy my home and art studio. This year I’ve been accompanied by the #sparkjoy approach to decluttering of Marie Kondo who has been all over Netflix with a new series. How is this […]

Sweetzel Campang