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The north-facing, light-filled painting studio looks out on the Arts Terrace and the dining hall. Durable finishes and flexible furnishings allow the studio to be easily rearranged as project needs change. Studio walls serve as temporary gallery spaces, where advanced art students display their evolving work in salon-style pinups. Photo credit: Jonathan Hillyer Studio, Architecture, Ann, Architect, Architecture Model, Bau, Architecture Design, Concept Design, Atelier

The arts are at the forefront of life at Brooks School, where every student pursues an arts curriculum. Since completion of the Center for the Arts, student interest in the arts has increased, so much so that the curriculum has expanded to reflect this enthusiasm. The Center stands in a premier...

Conservatoire of Music, Dance and Dramatic Arts, Belfort | Dominique Coulon & associés; Photo: Eugeni Pons | Archinect Interior Design, Architecture, Interior, Piano Room Decor, Piano Room, Piano Decor, Studio Room, Studio Interior, Concrete

The building is located in the upper part of the town. It backs onto the woods, forming the final outlying limit of the built-up area. Echoing the open landscape, it faces to Belfort Lion on the hilltop opposite. In this strong context, the building offers its solidity, an almost opaque mass of...

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