Montessori birthday party

Celebrate your child's birthday with a fun and educational Montessori party. Explore unique ideas to create a memorable and engaging experience for your little one and their friends.
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The Montessori birthday celebration known as the Montessori birthday walk is a great way to make the abstract concept of birthdays more concrete for children. At one year Yitzchak is a bit young to understand that but it was still a meaningful way to celebrate his birthday.

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The Montessori Birthday Celebration, known as the Circle of The Sun Ceremony, is a really beautiful tradition that celebrates a child’s life while connecting it to the passage of time.While you might not want to do the full celebration at home, there are some wonderful parts that you can weave into regular birthday par

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We recently celebrated Rosie's 3rd birthday with the an absolutely beautiful enchanted fairy themed party! I cannot believe that the baby of our family is three! As you know I absolutely love children’s birthday parties, especially spoiling my children and their friends with a wonderful day. There was so much excitement in our house during the lead up to Rosie's special day. When planning a party I like to have a theme as find that it give me direction in the planning, and of course is…

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